industrial flooring


Our company has the latest technology of laying concrete in the Somero Laser Screed XP system and the application of surface hardfacing in the Somero SPREADER technology.

Leading producers in the world provide us with the ready technologies of floor hardfacing and maintenance.

By applying of dilatation systems of daily field work and carefully selected formulas of concrete and its reinforcement, we get the floor devoid of antispasmodic dilatations, which significantly reduces operating costs for users e.g. forklift trucks. In order to ensure the highest quality, we recommend the use of spreading machine and concrete drill for sprinkles.

Our machine complex currently consists of:

Laser Screed SXP

Ideal for large projects, necessary for demanding investors.

Minimized effect of combining successive layers of concrete, the highest level of quality up to 6000m² per day. The possibility of maneuvering due to moveble head (broken). Up to 100m³ concrete per hour. The invisible pillars’ system.

  • Maximum machine height: 2.25m
  • Maximum machine width: 2,29m
  • Maximum jib length: 6.10m
  • Blade width: 3,66m
  • Weight: 7.250kg
  • Daily productivity: 6000m²

Laser Screed S-160

Ideal for medium and large projects.

Easily relocatable – to 14,9m² in the 60s – ready in 20 minutes after arriving at the building area.

  • Maximum machine height: 2.75m
  • Maximum machine width: 2,50m
  • Maximum jib length: 6.10m
  • Blade width: 2,44m
  • Weight: 5.715kg
  • Daily productivity: 2500m²

Topping Spreader STS-130

Fast and more even distribution of hardener.

Easy to work close to columns, docks and other difficulties, more homogeneous floor, large time saving (up to 8 seconds per pass). Minimized effect of protruding steel fibre.

  • Maximum machine height: 1,88m
  • Maximum machine width: 2,11m
  • Maximum jib length: 7,32m
  • Weight: 3.860kg
  • Daily productivity: 5000m²

CopperHead XD 3.0

Ideal for use with underfloor heating.

Great productivity and building quality for steel reinforcement of the grids. Low curb weight, ideally fitted for work on ceilings. Convenient transportation due to small dimensions, ready to work in 20 minutes after arriving at the building area.

  • Maximum machine height: 1,10m
  • Maximum machine width: 0,91m
  • Maximum jib length: 2,74m
  • Blade width: 3,00m
  • Weight: 386kg
  • Daily productivity: 6000m²

PowerRake 3.0

Innovative, patented design.

Developed in order to spread out the concrete by one operator in a shorter time without handwork.

  • Maximum machine height: 1,64m
  • Maximum machine width: 2,13m
  • Blade width: 2,13m
  • Weight: 481kg
  • Daily productivity: 5000m²


We realize the work comprehensively, from the design phase through selecting the type of floor for use and character of the place, by executing the foundation, preparatory work for the implementation of the new industrial floor.


The specificity of our customers’ industry has very often a big impact on the use of the floor. Sometimes floors are exposed to destruction and excessive exploitation. In such cases, our repair service can perfectly solve these problems.


Sometimes the existing floor isn’t damaged, but it can be in a worse state as the time goes by.
To restore its previous condition and very often to achieve even better quality, we offer a floor restoration service.


Our company provides hiring services of specialized equipment of reputable company Somero. Conditions, costs and technical support is individually matched to the requirements of our customers.


Our company also helps in the designing process. It is a necessary part of the whole cycle of creation of a new floor or renovation/repair of an old one. This approach allows us to obtain very good results – in a short time.


In addition to involvement in our work and modern technology, we find some time to show the other face of our industry. We want to show you that the woman’s beauty shines in any environment.


We are able to prepare a demonstration of our technology in your company so that you can see the quality of our work and its results. Feel free to contact us.


We invite you to watch a short video showing our capabilities, technology and experience in the development of new industrial floors, their repair and renovation.

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