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About company

KORAX company, operating on the Polish market for 15 years, specializes in the complex manufacturing of industrial floors and floor restoration services, which have degraded due to their exploitation.

The KORAX company was founded by owner and board chairman – Marek Nyga, who gives it an appropriate brand including his experience, knowledge and tremendous passion.

The motto, which always exists at every step of the activity is: „People are the biggest asset. People, who can not only dream, but also consistently pursue dreams”.

All of these attributes allowed us to establish a team of experts, whose operating philosophy is a teamwork based on creativity, flexibility and complexity of the proposed solutions as well as the quality and respect for the customer. The major advantage of the company is the passion of creating supported by innovative ideas and modern technology. We regularly visit the largest trade fairs of industrial floors and concrete in the world – World Of Concrete in the United States.

We created a work environment, where everyone feels comfortable and simultaneously is full of the challenges and opportunities for self-realization. This allows for a dynamic growth promoting family atmosphere exceptional for the team, which is trust, loyalty, openness. Our outstanding factor is the desire to acquire new skills and improve our qualifications.

In our work we try to analyze the market requirements and offer professional and innovative solutions in our designs that allow us to meet any challenge in the field of manufacturing industrial floors.

Our priorities for action are:

  • vision to become the most innovative company of floor industry
  • widely understood respect for the customer as a part of the values
  • design and manufacture of floors in modern technology

We want to achieve all the priorities through the constant process of improving, inspirating and motivating people to further development and investment in the latest machinery park. We believe that the success of our company depends largely on the fact how customers perceive us. Therefore we develop ourselves constantly and improve the quality of our work in order to measure up to their expectations. We create value for them, focusing on comprehensive solutions.

We invest time in building relation by listening carefully in order to understand the needs of our customers.




We realize the work comprehensively, from the design phase through selecting the type of floor for use and character of the place, by executing the foundation, preparatory work for the implementation of the new industrial floor.


The specificity of our customers’ industry has very often a big impact on the use of the floor. Sometimes floors are exposed to destruction and excessive exploitation. In such cases, our repair service can perfectly solve these problems.


Sometimes the existing floor isn’t damaged, but it can be in a worse state as the time goes by.
To restore its previous condition and very often to achieve even better quality, we offer a floor restoration service.


Our company provides hiring services of specialized equipment of reputable company Somero. Conditions, costs and technical support is individually matched to the requirements of our customers.


Our company also helps in the designing process. It is a necessary part of the whole cycle of creation of a new floor or renovation/repair of an old one. This approach allows us to obtain very good results – in a short time.


In addition to involvement in our work and modern technology, we find some time to show the other face of our industry. We want to show you that the woman’s beauty shines in any environment.

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