industrial flooring

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To 6000m2 per day

Such is the efficiency of our technology while maintaining the highest quality and standards.

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New industrial flooring

We realize the work comprehensively, from the design phase by selecting the type of flooring for use and character of the place, by executing the foundation, preparatory work for the implementation of the new industrial floor.

Repairing process

Very often, the way the specifics of the industry of our customers has a big impact on the use of the floor. There are situation where such floors are exposed to destruction and overexploitation. Repair service floor perfectly solve these problems.

Renovation process

There are situation when we meet with companies where the existing floor is not damaged, but can be seen in the passage of time. To restore its original appearance, and very often even better quality, we offer a service restoration floor.

Rental Somero equipment

Our company also provides rental services of specialized equipment , reputable company Somero . Conditions, costs and technical support is individually tailored to the requirements of each of our clients.


Our company also helps in the design process. It is a necessary part of the whole cycle of creation of a new floor or renovation / repair of old. This approach allows us to obtain very good results – in a short time.

Korax 2016 Calender

In addition to involvement in our work and modern technology, we find the time to show the other face of our industry. We want to show you that the beauty of women shine in any environment.

Order demonstration of our technology in your company

We are able to prepare a demonstration of our technology in your company so that you could see the quality of our work and its results directly with each other in the company.

Watch video advertising showing our capabilities

We invite you to watch a short video ad, showing our capabilities, technology and experience in the development of new industrial floors, their repair and renovation.